Sat, March 28

This week at Grace Lutheran

Grace Community Lutheran Church has Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. Advent Soup Suppers and Service are Wednesday at 6 p.m. The church is at 5100 Stevenson, Rimrock.

I have seen in the course of our lives, that people find it easier to recognize sin and human failing in others compared to themselves. It is a trait that often gets exploited by leaders in the world. Instead of, lets work together to solve our problems, peoples attention is directed to another source. Those people in that country, or those people of that type are the cause of your problem. History is full of examples of this and the war and tragedy that arise from it. It can be the same in our individual lives. Because of our sin and separation from God we do not feel as good about ourselves as we want and it is easier to point out someone else’s failings and wrongs, thereby feeling a bit better about ourselves. But what is the cost, how much unhappiness is caused by our being this way? There is a better way. God has shown us that we are worth sending His Son to suffer and die for. This incredible act of love should be the basis for our feelings about ourselves. Not our status compared to other people. When your worth is based on Christ the need to criticize or put other people down goes away. The other person who is lost in their sin becomes an opportunity to show Christ’s love. What a difference Christians could make in the world if this became a more common way of being in our lives. I know this is hard to do; it is easier to share pain than let it go. But Christianity desperately needs to find more and better ways to show God’s love to the world. To the world at large, and our own small circle’s as well. My hope and prayer this week is that, I along with all of you can recognize how valuable we are to God, and then show others that they to are worth God’s love more than they realize.

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