Wed, April 01

Living life

... flat out and on the run! After church today, Corky and I headed down to the ponds to see what was new and there is a lot. The Canvas Backs are beginning to come in, a few Blue Bills, Widgeons, Coots and the ever present Mallards. The arrival of the northern ducks has disturbed the usually laid back local population and they are jumping too. I got this shot of a Coot making his takeoff run and it is one of the first shots I have gotten from directly behind one. They lift off the water surface and then run like heck to get the airspeed they need to transition into flight. The takeoff run is absolutely explosive as you can see in this image. Lots of fun and the water people come to life for a few short moments. Lift off was less than a second after this shot.

I got quite a few other shots that I like including the best shot I have of a hen mallard slapping the water with her wings to initiate flight going straight vertical ... maybe that will go out tomorrow night. At any rate, we had a terrific weekend enjoyed with friends including our little ISO 100 group which gets together once a month to swap tales, technical details, give presentations of photos that we like and in general have a good time. Always an honor to be around such great photographers who all share a zest for life and capturing those precious moments of beauty to share with others.

Time for a little rest before the day resumes with coffee being ground and brewed; this morning it is Brazilian Bob-O-Link coffee and I roasted it Saturday and tomorrow this fresh roast shall be enjoyed. A little caffeine (or a lot) helps keep life going flat out and on the run and that is the only way I can envision life. My friend Van sent me the following: "Laughter is the way back into the light" and I added, a smile will keep you there. So, live life, look for beauty and the humor in all of it. Thanks for the daily lines Van and keep them coming.

Cheers, take care and as another friend says ... be well.


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