Tue, Feb. 18

going vertical

I took this shot Sunday at the ponds of a hen mallard going vertical and I had a shot from almost directly behind her. Mallards are among a few duck species that transition from resting to flight by using powerful beats of their wings on the water coupled with a rolling of the body down and powerful kicks of their webbed feet to "jump" or go nearly vertical anywhere from a few feet to much more with the initial stroke. I think this is probably the best shot I have ever taken of this part of the transition into flight by a mallard. The leading edges of her wings are striking the water with great force and the displacement of the water in the rapidly growing splash captures the brief moment between attachment to the earth and flight. Her neck and head are stretching into flight ... I guess you can tell I really like the shot. In a few tenths of a second she was more than five feet in the air and on her way. You can see light streaks throughout the upper portion of the image and these are from water droplets from other mallards in the vicinity that had already taken off.

So, it was a good day around here and we got a lot done; in the process of replacing the fluorescent lighting in the kitchen with halogen track lighting. Twelve four foot tubes being replaced with eighteen 75W halogen spotlights. We've never liked fluorescent lighting so it is a welcome change. Hope to have the tracks and lights up tomorrow, but if not then, there likely will be the next day. A little law and another day with 24 Season Five on the docket. We started through it again with Season One about six weeks ago and working all the way through the eighth season. Fun stuff.

Corky has Welcomers a little later this morning and some shopping for me. Speaking of shopping, check out the new 2012 calendars at: and be sure to check out the Q and friends calendar too and a link to it is on this page. Each calendar will provide much needed money to the Humane Society of Sedona, AZ.

Have a great day today, it is a day to celebrate the simple fact that we are here.



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