Thu, June 27

Editorial: Time to take offensive against Bath Salt, Glass Cleaner scourge

During the height of the BALCO scandal involving the use of performance-enhancing substances by professional and Olympic athletes, the most damning admission was the revelation that sports cheats are usually a step or two ahead of those administering the drug tests to catch them.

The same can be said of the never-ending effort to keep a community as free of mind-altering drugs as possible.

In Arizona, Cottonwood became the standard bearer some years back as the community that stood up to and conquered a methamphetamine plague that was taking over the town. What began as a local effort to combat a local problem was copied by other municipalities across Arizona. Cottonwood was the catalyst that led to the creation of laws that banned the sale of the key ingredients used to make methamphetamine.

Now we are seeing a new problem emerge with the escalating use of “bath salt” and “glass cleaner” designer drugs in the community. The problem with such “synthetic” drugs is you often can buy them over the counter and they are legal. It seems just as the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration narrows the definition of such drugs and bans their sale, chemists with questionable ethics create something new and, for the time being, legal.

As was the case with the BALCO scandal, just as one performance-enhancing drug was identified and banned, sports cheats already had moved on to a new drug of choice.

In Cottonwood, though, the community’s track record gives confidence that this is another battle that will not be lost. Teaming with MATForce, you can bet local ordinances will be written, and enforced, that will rid the community of this scourge.

We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.