Tue, Feb. 18

Mother and son assaulted in Cottonwood

COTTONWOOD -- Just before 5 p.m. Sunday, Cottonwood Police were called to south 12th Street where 29-year old Thomas Hind said he had been stabbed and struck by a man demanding money. He said he had been at his girlfriend's house before the assault where police dispatch advised he had been restrained with an order of protection.  Hinds explained that his current 20-year old girlfriend lived on North Main St.

The girlfriend was not concerned about the assault on Hinds. Instead, she told the officer about an argument involving Hinds, a neighbor and herself.

Her neighbor had seen the woman walking on North Main with no shoes and asked if she was OK. She said Hinds had been aggressive with her.

When the 52-year-old man came to the apartment, he said he wanted to talk about the way Hinds treated the woman. An argument ensued, and Hinds struck the neighbor in the head and the two began exchanging punches.

The woman demanded they stop fighting. But, as the older man was leaving, Hinds charged at him with a knife in hand. The neighbor got the knife-hand free, but was struck in the nose. He then knocked unconscious.

  Hinds awoke, enraged, and threatened to stab the older man. The girl went to hide the knife, but while away, she heard her 2-year-old boy screaming for her. He had scratches on his neck and was screaming at Hinds

Angered, Hinds spit on them both, broke a hole in the dry wall of the living room, shattered the bathroom mirror. He picked up a shard of glass and broke it in his hands.

When he cooled down, Hinds at first apologized to the woman, who then fell asleep. But, she was awakened by Hinds swearing at her. Hinds punched her in the arm and face then choked her with the neck chain.

He threw a lamp table, striking her in the head and back, breaking the table. Hinds then threw a large space heater at her three times, burning her back and arm. She finally escaped the apartment and he fled into the alley behind the hotel. 

The officer saw injuries on the woman's face, arm, neck, back and lower back, sides, hip, and foot. He also noted the damage in the apartment, the 2-year-old's neck injury, the blood-stained carpet, mattress and bedding and the space heater used to assault the woman. He also noted the broken lamp table, television set, broken mirror, damaged dry wall, the burner that had been picked up off of the floor, the bra destroyed by Hinds and the chain she was wearing when he tried to choked her. 

Hinds was arrested by offers at his 12th Street residence.

Hinds was treated at the hospital, but while returning from a CT scan, he attempted to flee from the hospital and was apprehended in the parking lot. Officers handcuffed him to the bed. Once released Hinds was taken to the county jail, booked for several domestic violence offenses including aggravated assault with a deadly instrument, aggravated assault on person under 15 years, criminal damage and disorderly conduct as well as false reporting to law enforcement.

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