Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Circus in Washington has reached a new plateau of stupidity


Is it any wonder that the American public is sick of the incompetence of our government? The ongoing circus in Washington has reached a new plateau of stupidity. We are now budgeting and spending on a 2-month cycle. Our swollen bureaucracy is so unwieldy and inefficient that it can barely function year to year under budgetary guidelines. Unfortunately, this administration has refused to pass a budget for the entire three years of its tenure, so even that tempering influence is unavailable. That, of course, is deliberate since such guidelines would be an impediment to implementing the massive spending and social engineering policies of their big-government liberal agenda.

On the other hand, these same hucksters use the cover of “10-year” plans to fool the public into thinking they really do intend to bring runaway spending and debt under control. The public, generally apathetic to the details of governing, is slow to reason that no single congress can bind the next congress to anything they pass. In this manner they can increase spending one term, promising to pay for it with other cuts or increased taxes to take effect later, and then simply ignore that promise in the next congressional term.

Americans are angry and with good reason. They should rise up in righteous indignation and demand an end to phony “10-year” budgeting. The majority of us realize that government spending is out of control and government, itself, is too large to be efficient. The phony “special committee” failed to come up with a paltry $1.2 trillion in cuts ($120 billion a year) over 10 years. They could have easily met the goal by following a report by the GAO which pointed out $210 billion a year ($2.1 trillion over 10 years) could be saved simply by cutting programs within various government agencies that are wasteful duplicates.

It would be nice if our laws required that each congress pass a 2 year budget in the first quarter of their term. The base budget could be formulated by the previous congress and amended, if needed, before passage. To insure compliance - as long as we’re dreaming - any member of a congress, House or Senate, which failed to pass a budget would be ineligible for re-election. Any bets on whether a budget would be passed?

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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