Sun, Jan. 26


I was happy that the AZ Republic, whose pro illegal immigrant position generally leaves them loathe to criticize anything to do with the Mexican minority population, finds the TUSD Mexican American Studies program reprehensible ("Light is shed on a vile program",editorials,12/31/11).

Calling the teachers of the program "activist-educators", whose classes were "infused with a thick overlay of leftist political indoctrination", was mild. Math classes for middle-schoolers were even propagandized. The program is apparently little different from communist or Nazi indoctrination - catch them as children and you own them for life.

The administrative law judge assigned to assess the program found "MAS classes cause students to develop a sense of racial resentment toward the 'White oppressor' or 'dominant group' and a "philosophy of 'us against them." In other words, deliberately fostering racism. The district had previously hidden reams of student papers from auditors hired to analyze the program which were evidence taken into consideration by Judge Kowal.

Propagandist" is better than "educator" to describe MAS instructors, whose credentials should be suspect. To quote the editorial, "Few...MAS instructors...even bothered to follow a written curriculum. They created few lesson plans, as required." The piece continues, "Into the hands of such race-obsessed, cynical political activists the precious education of thousands of Tucson children has been tossed."

And yet, the author refuses to condemn the TUSD's board, railing against the Arizona law (ARS 15-112) intended to protect students from such rogue programs, "Banishing the intensely political, grossly anti-academic MAS program was and remains the duty of the district governing board, not the Legislature."

Good Lord! Is it not evident that the board has been complicit in this outrage? Should aggrieved parents of students whose education has been polluted not have recourse beyond the author's "hope that TUSD's long-troubled board comes to its senses...?!! This poison was seeping into every class outside MAS taught by these same "teachers."

Talk about failing schools? If the government can step in to take over a school that is failing academically it can surely take charge of a district that has abandoned education for indoctrination. One has to wonder what the editorial opinion would have been had the offending group been the Ku Klux Klan.

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