Tue, Feb. 25

I wish



It was a day of fun work and late this afternoon Corky and I headed out to take care of a few things and just get out of the house for a bit. Not surprisingly we ended up at the airport after seeing lennies up north from the highway below airport mesa. Since the mesa is about 600 to 800 feet above town I had a much better view of them up there.

I did not check the aviation forecasts earlier in the day so didn't notice the great wave conditions we had. A relatively stable air mass near the ground and strong winds aloft. At the peaks the winds were in the neighborhood of fifty knots above 9000' . The wind is deflected upwards when it hits the mountains and when passing over the top, part of the air mass goes down the backside, heating up as it comes down the lee slope, hits the stable air mass and is deflected back up into the atmosphere ...rather like water going over rocks in a fast moving stream. Highly simplified but kind of the way it works. The lenticular clouds form behind the rising air mass and give a visible marker for soaring pilots who like to fly in these incredible conditions. In wave it is like being in the twilight zone with absolute quiet, little sense of motion and an altimeter that can spin upwards like a second hand on a watch. Then there is the rotor clouds you frequently have to go through; that is another story.

At any rate the cloud formations are beautiful, but it would have been more fun to be up there in the wave... another day. We had trouble locating Q when we got home; looks like he was waiting in the bushes to jack another plane and maybe do some wave flying of his own.

This is it for the week, hope it has been good for you and that you have had more moments of joy than not; that life is good and the road is smooth. Be safe, be well and I'll be back Monday morning. As always please share any of my photos you wish with your friends and family, but for non commercial use only.



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