Fri, July 19


Blue Springs

Blue Springs

I don't think I have sent out a photo of Blue Springs on the Little Colorado so this will be the first. Blue Springs is about ten miles upstream from the confluence and when there is little to no flow of water coming down from upstream the highly mineralized water coats the stream bed and the water takes on a beautiful turquoise color. The springs are along the upper third (left) of the river shown in this image and the whitish spots in the river are rapids in it. The flow in the river when we were up there last week was about 220 cubic feet per second and virtually all of that was from the springs. You can get an idea as to how narrow the canyon walls are and at this point they are about three thousand feet deep and the river more than a mile and a half below us. Anyhow it was a fun flight and in a month or so as the sun heads back N we'll be returning to the confluence when it is entirely out of the shade. The long lens will not be going back there with us; this was shot with my a 24-120mm lens.

Q agreed with me that it was too cold to go outside today so I substituted a second half hour on the treadmill this evening in place of my evening walk. It is currently 15F and likely to hit 12 or lower like last night. Arizona is the place to go to escape the winter weather in Minnesota, practically balmy weather compared to there.

Hope your day was joyful



The green of all the fields is mine,

The stars, the night, the wind at play,

A peaceful heart, while quietly

I go my way.

Max Ehrmann