Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Long live states rights


This letter is in response to one by Lee Cali regarding gun laws, ownership, and seemingly excessive firepower. For sure, these issues have been at the forefront of gun rights for many years. Furthermore, ones ideologies may change over time. For instance, I have always been a hunter and ethical gun owner of many various calibers and shot-shell firearms. However, I have never been a member of the NRA because I never believed ordinary citizens should possess superior firepower to police and regulatory agencies, or weapons intended to be “man killers.” My beliefs and ideology on these issues have changed. Until now, firearms have provided my family with sport, organic protein and a link to our heritage.

Our forefathers risked death fighting a tyrannical government. They believed free people should be able to govern themselves; and when necessary, protect themselves from tyrants in power. Are we now far from that? The evidence speaks for itself. Our government now passes legislation which the majority of free-living-tax-paying Americans are opposed to, sues citizens of states (when the Feds sued AZ, we were all sued) that wish to live by different regulatory means than deemed appropriate by tyrants, and will not abide by the constitution of which we are all governed. Our constitution represents the law of our land, to be followed by all for better or worse. If our government does not find it appropriate to abide by these simple rules, what are we to think of our government? Will our government stand up to more powerful ideologues than you, such as extremists that are intent on doing us harm? Or, will they allow them to enter our civilization peaceably until they have the numbers and power to overthrow us from within through legislation, like most of the European Union countries of present time?

Ordinary citizens rule this land Mr. Cali, or at least we should. Do I believe ordinary citizens of the USA could effectively defend themselves from the military might of the USA if she were eventually ruled by tyrants? Probably not. Do we want the chance to do so? I do. Many others do too. I may lose. I may die. But I will certainly live free regardless of the eventual possibility. If the fighting ever starts (heaven forbid), don’t run to your gun owning friends, just try to be nice to those who are intent on destroying you. The tyrants may only stone you to death. However, we will not protect you.

For the time being, I will keep hunting and sport shooting, and being a law abiding gun owning citizen; oh, and get that long awaited membership with the NRA.

You on the other hand, may want to move to New York. As you stated, NY has far more comprehensive gun laws that AZ. NY’s laws even trump the constitutional 2nd amendment. Hence, the citizens of New York must live in greater harmony, greater peace and more personal safety than us dim-wits in Arizona. I’ll buy your plane ticket (one-way of course) AND help you pack, along with anyone else who chooses the tyranny of New York’s states rights over ours; or any other state with more gun laws and less violent crime than AZ. When can would you like your going away party?

Long live states rights.

Mark Simmons


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