Sun, Sept. 15

A deep growl

Great Blue

Great Blue

that is how our day got off to a start.

I was having my first cup of coffee while brushing Q by the kitchen door looking out over the deck and golf course. Q began with a very low deep growl that got louder and louder (he still wanted me to brush him though). Didn't immediately know what he was growling at, but then I saw his distant cousin Felis Rufus walk through our yard in search of breakfast. Since Lo (bobcat in Swedish)the second or third was about three times larger than Q I just let him growl rather than let him go and introduce himself; better they each have their own form of food for breakfast. Too dark to get a shot of him, but it was great to see him again.

A little later I got a call from Dave at the hatchery that the Bald Eagle was perched overlooking the ponds and so all plans were changed, grabbed a camera and headed out the door. I was on Page Springs road about two miles from the hatchery when I saw the eagle flying low over the road at me, perhaps a hundred feet off the ground . No place or time to pull over so I was grateful to at least see him and perhaps next time.

As long as I was there I decided to check the ponds out and see what I could get; The Blue Heron had been standing in one of the ponds fishing and I got this shot of him a few seconds into flight and about fifty yards from me. Also got some of the best duck photos I have gotten in sometime, but they can wait for another night. After I got home, Corky and I went out onto the deck for a little breakfast and Q for his delayed morning hunt. Shortly after we went out there four Red tail hawks began circling high over us; I was able to get a number of good shots of them, but they were more than five hundred feet above ground so they were a tough target, Still I was pretty happy with a number of the photos I got of them.

Q feels that there has been too many other critters going out in the emails and is making threats about what will happen while I sleep if I don't send out an image with him in it, so the promise is made and likely his image will go out late tonight.

Have a terrific day ... drink coffee you have roasted ... you'll never go back.



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