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Letter: A brief history of IBO


The sucking sound you will soon hear comes from tax dollars being siphoned out of cities, counties, states and the U.S. national treasury. Complaints are stacking up on the Internet about the high costs associated with the adoption of this international brainwashing program for children. It is, of course, quite deliberate on the part of its protagonists, as the end goal of the program is to create “global citizens.” This is not now particularly a secret as it was back in 1951-52-53 when we tackled its predecessor, the UNESCO program in the Los Angeles schools, which ended officially getting thrown out. UNO representatives kept denying this but their writings for and to each other were very open about the end goal – now discretely termed “global government,” as if a name change changes the meaning, then it was the New World Order, but “they” didn’t want the patriotic public to know until it was too late.

Since then, of course, “they” have been quietly working-—and came up with IBO, offshoot of the iniquitous UNESCO. an IBO director, George Walker, said this programme(sic) was the brain child of Marie Therese Maurette, who had, he said, “strong left-wing political views.” She determined that “international mindedness is not acquired by some instinctive process of cultural osmosis. It requires specific interventions; a carefully designed programme (sic) of educational activities. It is taught not caught.” Her words as recorded by Walker.

His time-line puts her in with Mead and Benedict and a whole cabal of other left-wingers in the formation of UNESCO in 1945-46, world government advocates who aided in drawing up the original program, under Julian Huxley. To quote just one of Benedict’s UNESCO writings:

“As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in worldmindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favour (sic) jingoism.” Vol V

This is echoed since in the subjects discussed at IBO annual meetings in various exotic locations around the world, including, “Education for Sustainable Development, based on redistribution of resources, disarmament, climate change, along with redistribution of wealth.”

In 2005 the above named Walker said education should be directed to creating “the global citizen, the person with the necessary intellectual skills, the cultural understanding,” for the “hidden curriculum that determines the schools values.” (Note the elitism of the attitude.)

In 2006 in a “values education” topic, the speaker labeled “dangerous” any viewpoint that teaches good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and specifically, the ‘American Way;’ Western Ideas are ‘confused,’ but Asian values, particularly Chinese Confucianism, with universal values should be taught. He equated Christianity as a kind of “fundamentalism” on a par with Islamic Fundamentalism.

A four-year summary of IB statistics from Lake City High school, (Coeur d’Alene, Id.) prepared by the clerk of the school board for a local attorney:

• Number of students over 4 years -- 1,000

• Number of students receiving IB diplomas in 4 years -- 1 (.01 percent)

• Money spent (4 years) -- $1.3 million ($325,000 per yr average)

• Cost per diploma = $1.3 million

In the Ozark District, one complainant, JROTC instructor Ron White, pointed out “The annual cost of the IB program for Ozark High School will far exceed the Professional Development budget for Ozark School District that we have been told will be used to pay for IB. The numbers just don’t work.”

Mr. White also pointed out : “The UN world view includes the promotion of the Earth Charter (a religious pantheistic document); the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which views human rights the same way Communist countries view human rights—our education system is under assault by the ideology expressed and embedded in the IB program…..” The Charter is the object of Maurice Strong and former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev’s pursuit through Gorbachev’s Green Cross based on U.S. soil at the Presidio, San Francisco.

A U.S. veteran, Ron White, who served in our armed forces, for his pains in caring about the internationalist slant of the program was called, among less polite names, xenophobic and isolationist! No attack on the message, kill the messenger!

Shortly thereafter, on January 25, 2011, Michael Novak, Assistant Director of the Americanism and Children & Youth Division of the American Legion National Headquarters, urged schools to follow the Legion Resolution of 1992 to incorporate solid instruction in American History, civics, English, math and science. The Legion had already denounced UNESCO in its 1952 resolution against its brainwashing textbooks and program nationally.

In about the same time, Beaufort County, SC decided to put the program on probation at Hilton Head High. An analyst found the County schools could save $1.2 to 1.5 million a year if all 6 schools eliminate the program—the problem being students already in the program have to be allowed to complete it, which makes the elimination process long an drawn out – two years in fact.

A teacher in one IB training session reported IB’s lecturer, Dr. Steve Hreha, a Canadian physicist, saying “morality is relative, i.e., what’s true for one person or group, is not true for others. The goal is to develop global citizens.” A calculus teacher reported he was shown that even in teaching calculus he should demonstrate the underlying agenda: declining animal populations, pollution, global warming, the tenets of Earth Charter with calls for universal health care, equitable distribution of wealth, responsible reproduction, and all the other shibboleths of the radical left currently plaguing the United States. .

There was a certain consistency in reports about IBO ramming through various communities without any preliminary notices to the parents and public, at the same time, quotations from some parents who think internationalism will broaden the minds of their offspring. This has not developed so far, but it does have a tendency to separate children from their parents’ standards of morality and concepts of right and wrong.

Gene Birkeland


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