Thu, Dec. 05


Off Trail

Off Trail

Today was about as good as a day can be; woke to a fresh pot of coffee, got some work done, talked aviation with a friend on the east coast for awhile, got Corky up and then up to the airport to meet with friends and to go flying. The San Francisco Peaks were beautiful today and the cornices along the ridge line were beautiful. The winds were in the mid thirty knot range up there and we got some terrific ridge lift in front of the mountain.

Just S of Humphreys Peak there were some decorative lines were carved in the snow where adventuresome skiers had cut through fresh snow and picked a line of descent down the mountain and nowhere close to a ski trail. Beautiful lines as they carved their way down the slope and to the right of the lines of descent you can see where they climbed up the lifts here.

Busy and fun day coming up; Corky has a luncheon at the Hilton with the Sedona Welcomers, Q has an appointment with the vets to see if they can further enhance his teleportation and morphing skills and I'm going to finish a book. I approved the paper proof of "The bear and I" by Jade Geneve Kepner today and ordered a number of books. Look for the book within the next month on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other fine book stores online and brick and mortar stores. Price point will be $14.95 and we will also be putting it into Kindle form as well. It came out terrific and is a beautiful story. Jim, your artwork looks great! Now for the book of poetry and images; starting this week Eileen.

Have a day filled with beauty, even the most simple things we see each day have their own beauty if we just look for it...even more so with those we meet each day.

Take care, be well and enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich like we did today ... no guilt.


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