Tue, Feb. 18


Living veils

Living veils

and thousands of photographs were taken in the Sedona and red rock area today as we woke to a beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground and rocks. Trees were heavy with their white burden and many branches snapped under the load. Still it was a fairyland and a photographers dream come true ... again. I was out the door by 7:30A and a couple of cups of coffee under my belt; at first it was an overload wondering what to shoot first. I didn't shoot very many with the red rocks because there are so many other beautiful visions and to be honest I'm really not a true landscape photographer. Not sure what to label myself so I don't, but I did take a couple of hundred shots this morning and have only been able to delete a few. I took this shot about half way through my walk this morning; I love the veil effect of the weeping willow branches coated with snow and ice against the background of the sky and other trees. Hope you like it too.

We had a wonderful weekend with Ted, Sus and Annika here for a visit and visits with friends. Luckily the kids got out of here Saturday before the storm hit and are enjoying the relative warm of 37 F temperatures in Half Moon Bay and close to the beach. Think I'll wait until late spring to visit them. About half the computer parts I've ordered to build my new computer have arrived and hope to be able to get it built by the end of the week. Wasn't really planned or needed, but I've always wanted to build my own and it will be a screaming machine with nearly 8TB in internal drives including a solid state drive for the boot drive, Intel 3.2 GHz Core i-7 960 proc and 12GB of ram and the list goes on. Fun!

Another great week coming up and hope it is for you too. The week will unfold, minute by minute and may they be filled with beauty and wonder.



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