Tue, June 25

Another year has flown by in the Village

Wow, where did the year go? It seems like only yesterday it was 2009 and now it's 2011. With that said, this month's article will reflect back onto the accomplishments of the past year.

The Activities Committee led by Carolyn Chivers put on a number of outstanding functions throughout the year. From the New Year's Eve Party to Music on the Patio to Fourth of July in the Park to name a few, the whole community had the opportunity to have fun and make new friends. At this time, we all need to thank the Activities Committee for their hard work.

With the help of an outstanding Search Committee, the Board hired our new General Manager, Tony Rizzo, in May. In his short time in the community, Tony has made a smooth transition into his position. He has become active in a variety of organizations including the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and the Sedona Village Business Association. If you haven't met Tony yet, stop in and introduce yourself when you are in the Community Center.

The Marketing Committee developed a new membership program for the Oakcreek Country Club. The staff did a fantastic job of implementing the program which led to over 75 new members for 2010! To our new members, we say welcome as we get to know you better. With our new members, the Club Active Membership has almost reached our optimum level of 325 (currently 311 and growing).

We have all seen the articles about the golf industry and its problems. Numerous golf courses have encountered severe financial problems. But within our community, we have two golf courses that are operated by homeowners associations (VOCA and Canyon Mesa) that have proven these articles were wrong. Members from both homeowner associations should appreciate their respective staffs for the accomplishments they achieved. In the case of VOCA, we have operated our Oakcreek Country Club using innovative marketing concepts, quality customer service, and top notch course condition while maintaining tight control on expenses. It should be noted that our expenses to operate the course today are less than they were four years ago. Obviously, our goal of not having any long term debt was the right choice in today's economy. As is required by our By-laws, the golf course continues to be self-supporting by covering all of its payments and expenses from its own cash flow without any reliance on the association.

The House and Grounds Committee was active this past year with further development of the park for everyone's use and the repainting and reroofing of the Community Center. Next year they will be working on the refurbishment of the parking lot.

A key element of VOCA has always been its volunteers on our various committees. Without their involvement, the Association could not have achieved what it did last year.

To all committee chairpersons and members, the Board wishes to express our thanks for all of your fine efforts. If you want to have fun and meet more of your neighbors while being involved in your community, just call the VOCA Office at 284-1280 to volunteer for the opportunity to be on a committee.