Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: Writer forgot or ignored some major points


Such lavish praise of past accomplishments and political goals of President Obama did Ms. Brazile gushingly write; V. I Op-Ed 12/30/2010. She forgot or ignored some major points in both the past and the future.

Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – will absolutely cause big trouble in the Special Ops and other close Combat Units. Not so much in non combat units but the tension will increase there, too.

New Healthcare Law – that was past only through illegal arm twisting and bribery is “His Crowning Achievement”: A 2000+ page debacle that none of the lawmakers that voted for it had read and still do not know what this “Law” stands for. It is riddled with exceptions: 1) Muslims do not have to pay anything into the system but, still get “Full-Benefits” (isn’t that a great recruiting tool for the Islam Religion) 2) The Unions that pushed so hard to get this “Law” passed have “LEGALLY OPTED OUT”. 3) The ones that cannot find a “Legal way to get out of paying will pay the full bill through the “Taxes” (To the Muslims it is not Tax it is “Insurance”, which is against their Religion; you see they were not given “Obama Privileges” on Social Security and Medicare)

He not only broke his ‘Campaign Promises’, he never tried to implement most of them. Example; Transparency; Promise – we will put everything on ‘C-span’ and then would not let C-span anywhere near anything that was going on.

He is destroying our Nation’s credibility worldwide. He and his Attorney General have misused our legal system in both frivolous lawsuits (against Arizona, against Sherriff Joe Arpaio and against a School District, etc) and in omission (by not prosecuting The New Black Panthers and ACORN, etc).

He has done more to destroy Private Business and expand Big Government than any president I know of. These are the things that kill ‘Job Growth’ and increase Government spending.

Ms. Brazile writes of fairness in the proposed “Dream Act”, which is really a ‘Nightmare’; it undermines the Immigration Laws and rewards wrongdoing. Can’t anyone see that this type of legislation will do, just like it has in the past, it will increase illegal activity?

Flaming Liberals and RINO Republicans are destroying the very fabric of our “Great Constitutional Republic”. Pay attention; watch for some more underhanded deals by them in the 112th Congress. By the way the Republicans holding up the passage of anything in the 111th Congress is stupid; they couldn’t stop anything.

The Democrats had enough members to pass anything they wanted at anytime without even one Republican vote.

Dale Gohr


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