Wed, Oct. 16

For Fred

Roden plus

Roden plus

I enjoy my outings with Fred and our exchanges of ideas and photo techniques. Fred loves the use of HDR in many of his images while I always tend to steer towards the pure photo as seen and shot. Tonight I succumbed to temptation and juiced the colors a tad on a shot I took looking SW from about 8,000' over Grand Falls. The colors in the untouched photo were quite vibrant, but it just seemed like a good thing to do and "emphasize " them a tad. I took the shot on my second flight yesterday when I gave another photographer a tour of some of my favorite places; Roden Crater, the art project of James Turrell is in the upper left hand portion of the photo. Turrell has been working on this project for more than thirty years. Check out the following to learn more about the man and his art: The crater is about 40N miles NE of Sedona. So in the spirit of light embodied in his work, this is my take on the natural order ...hope you like it Fred.

Another week underway and it looks like a very good one. Life is good and beauty always available ... you just have to seek it out and not be distracted by the noise and cacophony that is ever present. We choose to be who we are and how we perceive events and life.



PS this may seem early, but I am deep into Dean Koontz latest book and need to go and read for the next several hours ... but first the security system must be set, John Calvino did that too and not sure if it kept the evil out or not ... back to the novel!

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