Tue, Jan. 28

Large cache of firearms stolen in Cottonwood burglary

COTTONWOOD -- Yavapai County sheriff's deputies were called to investigate a burglary at a home on Rifle Road in Cottonwood Sunday. The caller said that approximately 75 firearms had been stolen from the home.

The stolen firearms were mostly collectible and military models and included both handguns and rifles.

The weapons were last seen Dec. 17, 2010. Deputies contacted detectives from the criminal investigations bureau who are now investigating the theft.

The victim's house had been unoccupied for a time period with a caretaker checking the home occasionally.

Detectives and technicians examined the scene and gathered evidence.

Detectives have not released a detailed list.

One of the firearms stolen was a Thompson machine gun, collector's edition, with gold engraving on the stock and grips. Detectives are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of this firearm to contact the Sheriff's Office.

Additionally, if you have knowledge of persons who recently obtained a large quantity of guns under suspicious circumstances, detectives would like to speak with you.

Detective Dave Zavos is handling the case and he can be reached at 928-771-3278.

Callers may also contact Yavapai Silent Witness at 1800-932-3232 to provide information without giving a name.

The callers to Silent Witness become eligible for a reward should an arrest occur as a result of the information provided.

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