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Western Color: New work with a local flair
Featured artists Paul Blasi and Marjorie Claus at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery

Paul Blasi and Marjorie Claus

Paul Blasi and Marjorie Claus

Lampwork glass artist Paul Blasi and batik/digital artist Marjorie Claus agree that color is a major factor in their new works.

Their joint exhibition will feature Arizona images, expressed in unique colors, at the Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery, Feb. 5 through March 2.

Both artists have gravitated toward color from backgrounds in black and white. Blasi's early works were pen and ink while Marjorie's were black and white printmaking prints.

Sedona resident Blasi notes that his new glass work reaches into the field of chemistry and thermodynamics.

He states that glass is colored using a variety of compounds, such as iron oxide, cobalt, manganese, silver and copper. The final color in a piece is dependent on many factors, especially temperature.

The atmosphere created in the torch's flame, the time spent in and out of the flame, and the transparency or opaqueness of a piece of glass factors into how the final piece is interpreted by the eye.

"It is this complexity of color control that keeps me interested and engaged in my work," says Blasi.

Prescott Valley resident Marjorie Claus works in transparent dyes and inks. By layering one color upon another, or upon an image, the image or color remains visible, but changed when viewed thru the new layer.

"I moved away from printmaking toward batik in the '70s," she said," because I wanted to add color to my work. Now, with the dramatic progress in the field of digital printing, I'm thrilled to combine the three processes."

Although her digital expressions are recent, Marjorie has been making batiks since she studied batik in Indonesia and Singapore in the 1970s.

"By adding the digital dimension to my batiks, my work moves into a whole new realm of expression."

Both Marjorie and Paul, having moved to Arizona from different parts of the country, find the flora and fauna of Arizona stimulating. You'll find landscapes and critters featured when you visit "Western Color: New Work with a Local Flair" in February.

Please join us for the artists' reception, during Jerome's popular first Saturday ARTwalk: Saturday Feb. 5, 2011, from 5-8 p.m. at the Jerome Artist's Cooperative Gallery.

"Western Color" runs through Wednesday, March 2.

Gallery hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., daily, 502 Main Street, Jerome, 928-639-4276

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