Sun, Dec. 08

Over starship earth



A recurrent theme in many stories is the notion that we are on our own starship which we call earth. I like the thought and in fact the reality of it. I love to look out into space and our traveling companion the Moon is making the trip with us. We are orbiting the sun at an average velocity of 67,108 mph, the moon is orbiting the earth at an average velocity of 2,286 mph, our star the sun is orbiting our galaxy the Milky Way at 559,234 mph and the galaxy rotates at 492,125 mph and the galaxy itself is traveling outward from the center of the universe at a blinding speed of 900,000 mph. They do it every second of every day and have done so for more than four billion years; and about another four billion years until our starship earth will cease to exist.

What is amazing is that so few are in awe of what is going on; we have high interest in constructing space ships to go into orbit, to the moon and likely beyond. We build airplanes to travel distances around the earth. Here we are pretty much in control and we do like that. But the greatest adventure is being along for the ride on our very own starship and it provides everything we need for our survival and we have absolutely no control over any of it. We are simply very short term travelers and observers, but what a fantastic ride it is. From the air the perspective of earth is a continuous surface; no fence lines, city, county, state, or country boundaries are visible. It is a grand escape, but then it is back to earth and time to deal with issues of a species which never is at peace. Blessed we are to share the journey with all the other life on the planet ... we enjoy the feline branch.

The shot tonight is a from a recent air to air shoot I did. The ship is a RV-7 and Michel Lemay of Montreal, Canada owns and is flying this beautiful ship. Michel also owns three jump schools and has made more than 14,000 jumps/ His website is: . The original website is in French and this is the English translation of it. In the photo Michel and I are approximately over red Rock State Park; Oak Creek snakes back upstream from the lower right of the photo to the upper left where it disappears into Oak Creek Canyon. The Sedona airport is to the left of the creek and just above the RV7. Verde Valley School Road (dirt road) is visible on the right side of the photo about a third of the way up from the right bottom and goes left to near center where it terminates at Red Rock Crossing. Cathedral Rock is on the right side above VV School Road. The city of Sedona is on the left side of the airport and the Village of Oak Creek where we live is to the right off the image several miles. The south end of the Colorado Plateau is at the very top of the image and falls off into the red rocks.

Anyhow, have a terrific day. And even though we have no control over our travel plans, enjoy the journey because we are making it regardless and we're riding it to???

Cheers from a fellow traveler (once a very nasty connotation).


Also the moon and I have this in common:

We are both wanderers across the night

Max Ehrmann

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