Sun, Dec. 15




Tomorrow morning Bob and I are going to taking off early (for me) and shoot the Confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado rivers while it is in full sun. The Little Colorado canyon is not much more than a quarter mile across going into the confluence and it is about four thousand feet deep so there is a relatively narrow window of opportunity to get the shots in full sun. Also I am going to be bringing my long glass along and hope to get some very close looking shots of the area. Quite clumsy to handle in the cockpit so very glad Bob will be along and flying the Lambada while I take my shots, otherwise it would not be possible. We have to stay above ten thousand feet in that area and the river is at about two thousand feet so the subject matter will be shot from about a mile and a half. Hoping to have enough definition to see fist size rocks; we shall see. At any rate it will be fun.

Then another flight with a friend after Bob and I return from the Confluence and Grand Canyon area. Hoping to get some good shots of the GC too as the winds have been pretty strong from the NE blowing everything out of the area and if the clean coal plant at Page is not putting too much garbage into the air it might be a good day to shoot the Grand Canyon as well. The GC starts at the Confluence with the Little Colorado; upstream it is Marble Canyon. The water flow in the LC from Cameron to Blue Springs is less than a cubic foot per second and from Blue Springs to the Colorado it is about 215 cubic feet per second which translates into a pure turquoise colored water the last five or so miles of the LC. Here's hoping!

I took this shot this afternoon at Bubbling Ponds and when one of the Fishery trucks came down to the ponds there was a mass exodus; here are two Blue Bills leading the way and three Red Heads following. At least a hundred ducks took off and the air was filled with water droplets from the departure.

It's Monday and another great week is underway ... have a very good one. Since my last email, the moon has traveled apprx 110.000 miles in its orbit around the earth, the earth has traveled apprx 3, 250,000 miles in its orbit around the sun, and the sun (and earth and moon and other planets in our solar system) has traveled have traveled about 27,000,000 miles in our orbit of our galaxy. All without any help from us and the journey continues and so we are blessed.



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