Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Americans may be behind in the count but they are not out


I enjoy political discourse. Although I regularly agree with John Kinnamon on our problems, I rarely agree with him on solutions. That being said, I still appreciate the dialog and the exchange of ideas. That is why it distressed me to see his letter (We have lost our way and identify as Americans) that seems to indicate he has lost faith in his fellow Americans.

I believe that what John sees as lost identity and direction is no more than the reality that the average American likes to be left alone to go about their business of making a living and striving for a better life. They elect people and then tend to believe they will "take care of things" while guarding his or her right to pursue (not "guarantee") that life.

Unfortunately, when your nose is to the grindstone, it's hard to see beyond the wheel. It is this inattention that appears to be loss of direction. But when those in charge take advantage of that inattention, interfering with the grinding of the wheel, so to speak, they will find that Americans respond as they always have - with forcefulness and direction. Although John seems distressed at the direction it seems to be taking, the "awakening" has occurred. Millions of Americans are turning their attention to the lack of discipline, the hypocrisy and corruption of those we elected and the damage to our free market system, which has made this country great.

Some obviously would rather the "sleeping giant" remain in slumber. They rant that the awakening is fueled by hate. Far from it! It is fueled by a love of country that is usually tucked into the back of our minds as we live our daily, humdrum lives. Anger and passion do not translate to hate, however.

Mr. Kinnamon may not recognize it as such, but the "tea party" movement, so vilified by the establishment, is the embodiment of the awakening. People are angry with those whom they elected to keep our ship of state on course and they are passionate about turning it about.

And for those who believe we've lost our identity as Americans? Push your bias aside for one moment and take a close look at Sarah Palin. My God! The woman is the very definition of what America is about - strong, reliable, self sufficient, happy and fulfilling the American dream.

And yet, the vitriol from her detractors would ask you to look past that. One can question her qualifications as a politician but you cannot deny her American heritage.

So I ask Mr. Kinnamon to take heart. Americans may be behind in the count but they are not out. E Pluribus Unum is not dead, and "In God We Trust" is still a good motto.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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