Fri, July 19

A bust



Friday's flight to the Confluence was nice and while I did end up getting some good shots I sure learned that a 400mm lens is not going to work for what I wanted. The depth of field when shooting down a narrow canyon just doesn't hack it and from what I can tell from the results is that 200mm is likely the max I am going to be using in the future. Also the confluence looking up the Little Colorado will not see sun until sometime late March when the sun returns to a more northerly position in the sky. The LC flows from SE to NW and with a very narrow canyon four thousand feet deep it does not see the sun at the river in winter.

The tally? 267 shots taken with the 400mm lens and 225 shots deleted ... so far. With the 24-120mm lens 312 shots taken and so far 154 shots deleted. More to go before I move on.

I took this photograph on the way back home from the LC and it is part of the interior of one of the larger volcanic cones W of Flagstaff; a fire went through the area about thirty years ago and left most of the tree trunks standing and on the left side of the image they cast shadows which give it a nice look while a little more scattered on the right side. Anyhow I like it and think and hope you do too.

Corky and I had a great weekend and hope you did too. Monday is underway and the weather looks like it will be keeping me working and out of the sky for a few days.