Mon, Feb. 24


An afternoon visit

An afternoon visit

A day of work and then a quick diversion to Bubbling ponds after getting a couple of Fed Ex packages delivered to the drop off place. It was warm and quiet and not much flying except for a few blackbirds and grackles. In one of the ponds a couple of hen mallards were taking a break from their chores with the kids and seemingly having a chat about the day. In another pond a blue heron waited patiently for a fish to come by within striking distance. All of nature follows the inexorable rule that beyond the nest or den, it is each creatures responsibility to provide its own food and so their days are pretty much filled with the necessity of providing the day¡¦s needs ¡K perhaps we can allow them a little sunning and visiting though º

If you have any friends and/or family you forward these photos to, perhaps they would like to be added to the daily emails as well. Just send me the name and email address and I¡¦ll add them to the list. Currently at 1,106 and would like to grow it to 1,250 by the end of summer. A ways to go, but a fun project. The photos are as always yours for unlimited personal use, but not for commercial use without permission. To charitable organizations the price remains at $0.00 and just let me know what size image you need. Also a copy of the publication is requested. No email addresses are ever shared or sold.

Have a wonderful weekend and celebrate the fourth and bask in the novel concept the fathers of our country had ¡K freedom from oppressive government and the right of self-determination. There is more of course, but the focus is on the individual. We are blessed to still have the opportunity to be all that we can be.

Cheers ¡K be safe, be well and back Monday morning.


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