Tue, Feb. 25


Today was an interesting day and I finally have achieved a reasonable level of knowledge of color spaces and utilizing them for different papers and printers so that each image I produce and print for the gallery will be the best I can make it. In the past when I fulfilled orders for friends I never had to do much in preparation, just make the image to the size requested and print. Prepping photos to do consistent printing in different sizes and on different papers has been a real learning experience and while there is still much to learn I have a pretty good working knowledge now. So, I uploaded the first batch tonight and by early next week, I¡¦ll see the results.

Several weeks ago I was on the phone with Neal and some alligator lizards began engaging in antics outside his studio door and I got the blow by blow accounts on ¡§Lizard Radio Live¡-. While we were talking Mary found a whip tail lizard in her studio, caught it and released it outdoors near a flower planter; the good deed led to the feeding of a garden snake who made a lightning fast attack from about ten feet away, grabbed the lizard and took off with it. Mary, pro photographer that she is, grabbed a camera and got some awesome shots of the snake streaking off with the lizard and with her permission here it is.

As I headed out on my walk this evening a portal to the heavens opened up and light from above streamed through. Seems like a fitting image after the lizard ¡K think I missed it by a few weeks though ¡K oh well, the thought is there º

Sutures came out this morning and life is good; have a terrific day and be happy that you are at this end of the food chain.



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