Wed, July 17

4 quick tips that can help you improve your resume

1. Keywords are Important

When employers search their database, they use keywords. In general, they expect the results to be representative of what they are searching for. This should influence resume writiers in a couple of ways:

Include relevant keywords in your resume related to the job you want, this is how you will be found.

Don't stuff your resume with keywords that are not relevant of your experience. A list of keywords that do not represent your expertise should be avoided.

2. Having Your Resume Be The Right Length

What length should you have your resume? This is a tough balancing act. Many recommend a one page concise resume. I would disagree, unless you really have that little to share. You should go into full detail to give an accurate depiction of your experiences and skills gained from your previous jobs. Make sure not to go too far in depth with a lot of useless information though, keep it relevant.

3. How Your Resume Should Be Formatted

You should have a couple versions of your resume ready. One solely for the internet, and one for real life to be handed out at in-person interviews and job fairs. Fancy formatting with pretty fonts, lines, boxes and bullet points just does not translate well online at many places. Anything you send or submit online should have very basic formatting. You can get good ideas for formatting by looking at sample resumes, there are tons of resources online for this like,, and

4. Spell Check And "Reality Check"

Before you send out your resume, make sure you give it a spell check. Misspellings even just a few can make you look amateurish and send your resume on a quick trip to the garbage. After you spell check it, have someone you trust look it over to make sure that the spell checker didn't miss anything and to make sure everything flows correctly.