Thu, Nov. 21

July meeting in Flagstaff

Fiberholics gathered at Nancy G.'s house in Flagstaff for our "traveling meeting" on Saturday July 9th. Everyone brought a dish and we had a wonderful time sitting out on her back patio, eating, chatting, knitting and admiring her garden. Was the first outdoor meeting we have had in ages where we were not all sweating! Lovely!

I have been working extra hours lately and really did not have the energy, or the wits to prepare a fancy dish. But on Friday afternoon I remembered we had a nice seedless watermelon in the frig that we had not cut open yet. Cool, there was my dish!!! Then I remembered I no longer had a melon ball thingy. So I called my dear hubby and asked him if he would do me a huge favor..."Could you please go to the store and get a melon-baller? I'll describe it to you." Hubby answered,"Yea no problem. I know what they are." I paused, huh? "You know what they look like?" "Yea, two half scoops on either end with the handle in the middle." OK now I am getting suspicious, this is the man who can't find the jam in the refrigerator even though we have put it in the same place for almost 40 years. "Wow that is great, thanks Honey" I replied. Now he says....are you sitting down readers?....."Do you want me to pick up a Cantaloupe to add to the Watermelon? It would make a better presentation." WHAT????!!!!! A better presentation!? This is coming from a man who thinks all food should be on a TV Tray or a paper plate. Ok, now I am REALLY suspicious! I replied, "Who the Hell are you? And why do you have my husband's phone???!!!" He just laughed and said he saw it on Rachel Ray....Rachel Ray???? HUH? Now this goes on, I get home from work and start working on the Watermelon, eyeing the new Cantaloupe he has bought and he comes in and tells me I am doing it all wrong! I hand him the melon-baller and he proceeds to show me the correct way to do it. And his is much better looking with less effort. I turn over the task to him and go out to gather the stuff for the meeting.....I am now looking into some kind of show on daytime TV that shows you how to clean the house and organized it! If TV has that effect on him, well I just need to find the right shows! Sorry, I digress. Where was I?

Oh yes Saturday's meeting. After a delightful lunch and knitting session with very lively discussion of everything except politics and religion the group headed to Purl in the Pines new shop. Some of us have visited it since Michele moved down the road. The shop is in a much larger place with easier parking. The group spread out with military precision, we covered every inch of the place and constantly reported our findings to each other. We manhandled all the yarn and fiber we could get our hands on, and we all came away with new projects and ideas for more projects. Teri even offered to crochet a scarf I was admiring, so I bought the yarn for it and also some she picked out so she could do one for that is barter fiberholic style! Yarn is our currency!

History Corner:

Spinners who lived under the mighty Kublai Khan had to tithe. One of every ten skeins they spun was sent to the royal warehouse. Weaver were obliged to work one day a week in the royal workshop. With this cloth, the Khan had garments made for his retinue, and he also distributed clothing to the poor. (Marco Polo)

From "Spin Span Spun" by Bette Hochberg

Purl in the Pines

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