Sun, April 05

The beauty of it all

Today was rather strange; I slept for more than five hours. After brushing Q, I enjoyed a morning cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with Corky and then cleaned up a lot of detail work that has been not quite making it to the front of the project list.

Whilst Corky and a friend visited this afternoon I set out to do some errands and shoot some more images. On the way into town I looked at all the puffy clouds to the NE and decided that the shoot should be from the air, so it was up the hill to the USS Sedona. I launched around 4:30 and found that once again the USFS is doing their part in assisting aspiring arsonists and the sky was polluted from horizon to horizon. I guess my problem stems from the fact that I enjoy a clean sky and clean air to breathe; while the burning either prescribed or managed may very well be good for the health of the forest, the human health factor is totally ignored in the decision to burn or not and hundreds of people are affected that already have compromised respiratory systems. I believe that there are also strict regulations regarding the production of even small amounts of smoke by individuals who purchase a legal product and use it as intended.

Anyhow, shooting below the horizon produced some wonderful images and here is a view of Cathedral Rock you are not likely to see anywhere else. The view is from the SW shooting NE and from about 7,000¡¦ Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and if you do, pass it on.

We¡¦re into the weekend and I¡¦ll be back Monday morning ¡K and with all of my accumulated email answered. Be joyful, everyone needs a little of that and throw in a smile for good measure º

Take care, be well


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