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Lisa Dahl's 'The Elixir of Life' wins IPPY award

At home, Lisa Dahl in her grape arbor.

At home, Lisa Dahl in her grape arbor.

Not your typical cookbook. More like a travelogue with treasured recipes and photographs from someone who wants to share the best things in life with you Lisa Dahl’s The Elixir of Life won a gold medal this year among independent authors and publishers entries (IPPY.) Do you own it? Have you sat down and leafed through it, allowing it to infuse your soul? Have you reclined and watched the DVD found in its back cover sleeve?

If you have, then you know why it was chosen among more than 4,000 entries in 12 categories.

You will have experienced being transported to the beautiful sights of Tuscany, Italy and the mindset of the author, the growers, the chefs, and the recipients of divine food.

Perusing the pages of the book, you will have recognized something you have tasted and enjoyed at Cucina Rustica. If you like to cook, you have been excited about trying to reproduce that same taste for yourself.

Reading on you say to yourself, “why, this is simple!” and we say, “you’ve got it!” Lisa Dahl is sharing simple recipes. It’s her passion, creativity and lust for authentic taste and presentation that make for delicious dishes in her restaurants, yet it is from the use of simple recipes provided in the book that the dishes become what they are.

Of course, sourced first rate foodstuffs, a little Italian music and a glass of good wine help during preparation!

The Elixir of Life has been sold over 5,000 times in six months! That’s incredible for an independently published book. It speaks very highly of Lisa and her marketing plan.

Well known in Phoenix and Napa area among purveyors and restaurateurs, Lisa is a regular among chat groups there. The Dahl and DiLuca website promotes the book and its popularity is recognized by visitors and staff as well. We know of Lisa’s involvement at Sedona Booksellers Fair and the opening of the Sedona Public Library-Village.

She has done Bloomindale’s book signings and cooked a Tuscan luncheon for a very prestigious group, Les Dames L’Escoffier, in Tribeca, N.Y. While in New York to receive her award in May, Lisa was overwhelmed to see her cookbook being sold in Rizzoli’s, a first-class NYC bookseller.

It was a pleasure to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and interview Lisa for this article. As an executive sous chef and business manager who is involved at multiple levels of activity in

Sedona and the world beyond, we are in awe of her talent and generosity.

Lisa is proud of the reception The Elixir of Life has received. She claims the book wrote itself and as it was her first cookbook and self-published, she had no guide as to its popularity.

The second printing of the book is available with the gold emblem affixed to the jacket cover. There are minor changes to this edition, mainly to offer expanded uses for the recipes included.

Thanks, Lisa, for your time. We, who enjoy the fruits of your culinary talent, hope that The Elixir of Life continues to draw people including any of our readers who don’t own the book to your wonderful style of cooking.

We also hope that Cucina Rustica, so close by, will continue to be seen as a restaurant “set apart” from other restaurants because of your “passionate pursuit” to continue inventing ways to prepare Italian and Mediterranean-style foods at their simplest and best.

Health and happiness to our readers! Jeff and Suzie at The Dunnery

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