Thu, Jan. 23

Sunday traditions

¡K when I was a kid, Sundays were very special days; we went to church with the family and afterwards we typically came home and had a feast that mom had produced ¡K roast beef, potatoes, vegetables and some kind of wonderful desert. Not infrequently other relatives would join us and after a great meal the somewhat overfull stomach would cause some to nod off into a wonderful nap. Corky and I continued this tradition for years when our girls were young and then somehow busyness took over or maybe it was that our girls had grown and become adults themselves.

Today Corky and I made it to church, visited with friends there and then it was off to the airport to try and update the firmware in the flight computer (didn¡¦t work), then down to the ponds to see what was happening there. A friend sent me a shot he had taken early this morning of an Osprey making off with at least a 16 inch razorback sucker from the ponds (sorry about that Dave) so although I didn¡¦t really expect to see him back after a meal like that he or another one was back and I got some nice shots of it hunting for a meal while I visited with Dave who is with AZ Game & Fish and does a great job with the fish. Primarily Bubbling Ponds is used for raising endangered species like the Razorback that the Osprey made off with. He was ready to dive on a couple of occasions, but eventually flew off. I think he was just being kind to Dave º The second shot is of a thistle still in bloom and many past prime, with a sole bee feeding on the bloom. Kind of a fairyland.

After the ponds we headed back to the Village, had brunch at Sedona Golf Resort and finally came home and decided to respect tradition and took a nap; afterwards we woke up and since it was storming outside, took another nap. It was fun and brought back memories. Back to busyness, but it was a wonderful day.

The week is off to a good start and thanks to Jeff and the eSedona crew who got internet access in the Village back up and running this evening. If you are looking for a great internet provider in the Verde Valley give them a call. is the website and 928.282.0907 the telephone number.

Cheers ¡K naps do funny things to me, I am nowhere close to being tired ¡K


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