Sat, Jan. 18

VOC artist participates in Texas fund raiser art show

Village artist Mary Dove’s bighorn sheep drawings went to Texas. As a long time conservationist, Dove continues to support the protection of wildlife and their habitat with her artwork. She shares her passion for bighorn sheep by supporting the conservation programs of the Texas Bighorn Society.

Three of Dove’s framed wildlife lithographs, in the TBS art fund raising auction, include a Mexican Desert Ram, “King of the Mountain” rocky mountain bighorns and you can’t leave out the Texas Whitetail Deer.

As Dove transitioned into her career as a professional artist in Dallas, a regal Desert Bighorn Sheep magically captured her artist eye from a design standpoint. She was fascinated by the power and grace expressed by the animal. That Desert Bighorn was her first, with seven additional drawings and commissions to follow.

She met the challenge of capturing the attitude of the bighorn through her use of negative space (white paper) as the consistent strong design element throughout each drawing. The curl of the ram’s horns procures a rhythm of strength and power. She could see each bighorn has a different life story to tell. As an artist, and a critical observer, she knew she could capture this story of a magnificent sure-footed mountain climber, for others to appreciate and enjoy.

Dove brought together SAGA and TBS to offer the three limited edition lithographs on the SAGA web site at or simply Google “Sedona Saga.” Thirty percent of each lithograph sale will go to support the necessary work of the TBS.

You can visit TBS website at to be amazed at what they are accomplishing. On the website checkout the Live Bighorn WebCam, go to cam #4. There you will see one of the bighorn herds coming to water at a “guzzler water sources” built by TBS volunteers.

\these tanks in the side of the mountains to bring water to the bighorns so they do not risk the mountain lions as they traverse down the mountains in search of water.

Mary Dove is asking for your support of this bighorn sheep rescue organization. Big thanks from Texas TBS VP Curt Brockmann to their Arizona neighbor. Questions? Contact Mary Dove 928-284-0919.

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