Sun, April 05

This week at Grace Community Lutheran

Grace Community Lutheran Church in Rimrock has Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.

This week the Christian church celebrates or remembers the ascension of our Lord. This is the return of Jesus to be with God the Father. After His time on earth with mankind, He had accomplished what he  came to do. Which was to atone for our sins. Now that Jesus is no longer here we are faced with a faith challenge of having to believe in what we can’t see. This does not mean that God is not with us. He continues to guide us through the bible, His word, and with that part of Him we know as the holy spirit. Some people have trouble believing in what they can’t see.

That is why Christians need to be as much like Christ as they can. We are to be Jesus to the world. No wonder people continue to struggle with belief, all to often Christians fail in this most important task. And that brings us back to why Christ came in the first place, to make up for the failings of man. Often people want to say that Jesus was only a great teacher, which is true, but it was His suffering and death on the cross that changes everything. Most religions of the world have within their teachings the understanding that it is up to the individual person to better themselves in order to get to heaven or the next level or place. Christianity says that God has done this for us. 

It certainly is a concept of God that stands alone. It stands alone especially in the understanding of how much God loved the world. While Christ has gone back to be with the Father He is still able to love us in a way that changes our lives, if we allow Him into our hearts. These changed hearts are what is visible to the world as evidence of the risen Christ. This does not mean that Christians are perfect, only that they care and are on the path towards being more like Jesus.

I hope and pray that all Christians everywhere. especially those in our church can show God’s love to those around us.

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