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My turn

My turn

I am supposed to write my bio for inclusion in the book of artists at the gallery; I was told that a little more about me and my art form should be included over and above what I have on our websites. I actually think I over did the bio¡¦s there a little. I have read the bios¡¦ of quite a few artists and I can¡¦t find anything I want to use as a reference. I began taking photographs when I was about nine years old and have continued to do so all my life. I did professional work and had my own darkroom when I was fourteen. Between then and now a lot of life has been lived and always the theme of my photography has remained the same and it is very simple. I look for beauty and because I look for it I find it. When I find it I take the shot and share the beauty with others.

In keeping with my quest, the photo tonight was taken on a walk last Friday whilst Corky was getting her hair done. The inner most regions of flowers are amazing places and frequently are teeming with life. In this shot you have two bees in the same cactus bloom and they are apparently trying to get the same pollen? They are coated with pollen and will soon be bringing the harvested food back to the hive and in the process of collecting their food, have pollinated the flower and assure the continuing existence of the cactus. Purpose and function, both beautiful.

For those who are interested in the details of the shot, the following: 1/500th of a second, f8.0, focal length 120mm, ISO 125, center weighted metering, spot focus, shot as a RAW image. And as always, handheld; it was very breezy (when isn¡¦t it?). There was substantial variations in lighting around the bloom thus the center weighted metering and spot focus because I wanted to have the bees in focus and not take the chance that the camera would take a focus on something near that would put them out of focus.

Another fun week underway. Corky and I were planning on taking a flight after church, but the winds were gusting over 23 kts by the time we got up there so we worked on the plane instead; Monday the winds are supposed to be in the 30 kt range so another day on the ground. Sooooon!

Have a wonderful day and week, we¡¦re alive!!!

Cheers and thanks Steve º


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