Wed, July 17

Why I do it

Today was one of those days that was slammed from very early morning all through the day. It was a good day and I accomplished a lot. Q didn't get an outing until after 3PM and neither did Corky so it was nice to get out on the deck and relax for a while. The UPS truck brought my new Canon equipment around 2:30 and the battery was in the charger five minutes after it arrived. Got the camera set up and my defaults programmed in and sometime around 6P I headed out on my walk in search of a little beauty. I did want to take shots that I could easily compare to the results I get with the Olympus gear so I shot flowers and leaves (also Q sniffing my feet and Corky on the deck (first shot with the camera). Since I don't have the 100mm macro lens yet I had to use the 24/105mm lens and you can't get in as close with that as my Olympus lenses; nevertheless, when cropped the results were very nice.

I worked on a lot of leaf type shots today for the Arizona State Bar Directory, and thought it would be fun to try to get a better leaf tonight and here it is. The leaf was backlit by the sun and a little blue sky was visible around one side of the leaf. Anyhow, it was fun and I'm pleased with the Canon equipment and glass. The leaf has the appearance of a fractal and you have to be amazed at the unbelievable complexity of even the simplest things in nature. We sure are blessed and with us or without us life goes on for we who are here.

Enjoy the day and give thanks for the gifts given each day.