Fri, Feb. 28

Letter: I’ll be responsible for myself and keep my faith in God


In the June 8 and June 10 Verde Independent there are four letters that cover a “Gauntlet of Liberal Ideology” from John Kinnamon claiming the Republicans are intent on “choking off” any “Economic Recovery” (What Recovery?) and Carole Adelsman attacking the “Second Amendment” on the 8th to Lee Cali trying to tie the “Economy” and “Bin Laden” strictly on Republicans and John Bond making a ‘Pro-Union Stump Speech’ on the 10th.

Look back and get some ‘Talking Points’ aligned with facts:

1) The House of Representatives is as much, no, it is more responsible for the Economy than the President is (unless they “Rubber Stamp” every thing the President says; like they did for the past two years with Obama); even though, we keep giving credit or blaming the President.

2) The Economy; 1991-1992 Clinton claimed that if they did not pass his “Total Economic Recovery Package” the Nation was subject to collapse and we needed to accept everything he proposed, which even with a “Democrat Controlled Congress” he was NOT able to get ANY of his “Package” implemented, but he did later get a “Tax Increase” that was, in part, the cause of the “Republican Congressional Takeover” in 1994, which lead to a “Recovery” that lasted until mid-1998 and it started to decline, however it still looked pretty strong for the 2000 election and Clinton was given total credit.

Then with “Compromising Bush” being elected and afraid or unwilling to “Veto” anything and most of his time in the White House the “Democrat Controlled Congress” could send him whatever they wanted and he would sign it into Law. The Housing (almost totally Democrat Controlled) collapse was a final blow to Bush and McCain in 2008.

3) The “Bill of Rights” (including the 2nd Amendment) was adopted for one reason and one reason only and that was and is to “Limit the Power of the Federal Government.”

4) Bin Laden was a problem from the 1980’s even until today and I think into the future (Him being dead does not stop the threat). Twice at least and I think more times in the Mid 1990’s; Nations in the Middle-East had Bin Laden detained for something and they offered to release him to the United States and President Clinton turned them down and he was let go. Tell me again: Who was using Bin Laden for Political gain?

5) Unions; in public service are responsible for some terrible overspending with no end in sight. Example; there are over 77,000 public service workers that are paid more in wages, retirement and benefits than the Governor of their State and most of these have such impressive job titles as “Librarian,” “Lifeguard” etc and that doesn’t even scratch the surface; these same unions that got “Bailed out” by our government (Auto Company & Teacher’s Unions) and they helped cram “Obamacare down our throats then they all “opted-out” because Obamacare is too expensive for them. Do you really believe they care about you?

Liberals go ahead with your “Faith in Government,” I’ll keep my “Faith in God” and the “Responsibility for my Protection” resting mostly with me. My support and cooperation with the Law Enforcement Agencies is unshakable; as long as these Agencies “Uphold and Honor the Constitution.”

Dale Gohr


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