Fri, Dec. 06

31 kts Gusting to 39 kts ...

Wind blown

Wind blown

that is what Mike at Red Rock Aviation told me the maximum winds were at the airport today; they had dropped into the mid 20kt range when Corky and I stopped in this afternoon. Our main reason for getting out this afternoon was to get some shots of windblown flowers because I like what the wind does to the flower petals and the differing light and shadow play on the petals too.

I shot quite a few different blooms, but in the quest for the really wild shot I settled on the white blooms along the roadside of Hwy 179. They are long stemmed and in the 20 to 30 mile an hour winds they were very much in a wild motion. I also like white because it is a challenge to get good clean shots that also have good definition. The light was good too and put a nice glow on everything. So it was a fun and productive outing.

Key to getting a shot like this is your ability to first get a focus on the flower where you want to get it, and then wait to shoot until the bloom comes back through the area you got your focus in. Timing is critical and only practice will improve your results; not sure if a tripod would help on a shot like this, but I guess I¡¦ll never find out º. Shot at 1/1000th , f11, ISO 125, 105mm, center spot focus and center weighted metering.

A fun weekend and with friends and family stopping in and calling.

Another great week coming up; root canal and haircut on tap for me tomorrow and looking forward to both; the skilled hands of the talented Dr. Bill for the former and the same talented hands, but with scissors and razor by Dennis at Village Barber Shop in Bell Rock Plaza. Were it not for the abscess I might have been wishing I were flying the last couple of days and the wind took that off the table so it has all worked out good. Gotta love the pharmaceutical companies and especially the makers of Advil º.

Have a wonderful day, be well and take care.



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