Sun, Oct. 20


Looking SE

Looking SE

It occurred to me that when I have been sending out my photographs of the Confluence that I have been sending only the images which are zoomed in to my area of interest to wit the Confluence itself; I have yet to send out a photo which gives the overall impression of the area so here is one that I took along with 366 other shots taken while moving my aerial tripod (there¡¦s that word Doug º) around trying for the best angles and views I could get. The one limitation I wish I could get around is the altitude floor where in this particular area of the Grand Canyon I am not permitted to go below 10,000¡¦. The rivers are around 2200¡¦ and the canyon is about 4,000¡¦ deep. I was at an altitude of something over 11,000¡¦ when I took this shot and the lens was set at 24mm to give the widest possible view of the terrain. I was also about three miles NW of the confluence over the Grand Canyon shooting towards the SE and looking down the Little Colorado River Canyon. Blue Springs which is providing all of the water flow in the Little Colorado River is located about eight miles upstream from the Confluence and is approximately at the upper right hand corner of the photo. The Colorado River is running its usual green color and the Little Colorado the turquoise color from Blue Springs. Relative water flows yesterday were 211 cubic feet per second for the Little Colorado and about 24,000 cubic feet per second for the Colorado. At any rate this is the view I have before I zoom in to get close to the water and on closer examination of the last photos I took of the area while circling up to 15,000¡¦ the rafts were arriving at the confluence ¡K I think viewing this you can understand why I was not sure if they were there ¡K a raft is a pretty small object compared to º

The second shot I took on my walk last night after I got home from the airport and our friends who were visiting with Corky had left. The late afternoon sun was streaming through a tree and doing some magical things. The delicate structure of the Bird of Paradise bush always draws my eye and so here is a photo to do a little summer dreaming on ¡K soft and mesmerizing.

Have a wonderful day and whether viewing the earth from miles above it or peering into a bush, enjoy your life and give thanks for what each day brings.



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