Tue, July 23

Village's wildest inventory at VOC Consignment & Auction Co.

John LaCaire and 7-year-old Addison at the VOC Consignment & Auction Co. in Bell Rock Plaza.

John LaCaire and 7-year-old Addison at the VOC Consignment & Auction Co. in Bell Rock Plaza.

How about an 8-foot carving of a Mayan warrior for a conversation piece? Well, there’s one standing outside VOC Consignment & Auction Co. in Bell Rock Plaza right now.

A chain of events recently placed local contractor, John LaCaire, at the reins of a fledgling consignment store.

A man of boundless energy, John added the shop to his other business responsibilities and is determined to make it both a success and a source of fun for Villagers.

To accomplish this, John has amassed an inventory that includes everything from a vintage 1877 grand piano to a singing trout. His global collection features fine art, jewelry, antiques, furniture and a few Mayan calendars.

Get yours before 2012.

There are flintlock rifles, Hopi Kachinas, ceramics, and more spanning time from contemporary to prehistoric. The place is definitely fun.

Raised in Massachusetts, John spent his after school hours working for a plaster company. Upon graduation he started his own plastering business which he quickly made a success.

He then decided he also needed to learn flooring; so he worked nights at that. Eventually he was running his own general contracting business. Energy really is his middle name.

In 2006, he left all that security behind and moved to VOC to take on the more important role of single dad to his son, Addison.

As John established himself as a contractor here, he taught his son the values of hard work and saving. Now, at age 7, Addison is an energetic entrepreneur in his own right.

On a recent trip to Sam’s Club with Dad, Addison skipped the toy department to purchase a snow cone machine.

He is currently marketing cones in front of John’s store, keeping his own books, paying expenses and banking his profits.

These guys are making me feel inanimate.

VOC Consignment & Auction is a place where bargains are struck. It is John’s philosophy that anyone who buys there must feel like they made a fabulous deal. He also hosts an auction at the store on the last Friday of every month featuring live music by a group of his construction buddies.

Whether you’re shopping or consigning, stop by VOC Consignment.

Have some fun and a cool snow cone by Addison.

VOC Consignment & Auction Co: 928-284-1947.