Mon, July 15

Your views are important!

By Mel Copen<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->President	<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Big Park Regional Council

By Mel Copen<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->President <br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Big Park Regional Council

Last month, I gave an update and preview of things to come relating to a number of important matters that will affect our community.

This month I want to report on what has transpired to date in these areas. But it is more than just reporting – your views are needed, not only by the Council, but by the key organizations that are involved. Please take the time to follow-up on those areas where individual input is needed.

Red Rock Pass Program

At its April meeting, the Council voted unanimously to support the continuation of the Forest Service’s Red Rock Pass program. In May, it took a position on one of the several alternatives offered for consideration by the Forest Service.

At the June meeting, Paul Sullivan, our liaison to the Forest Service described the two alternatives which are now under consideration, one of which, A, is based on the pattern that the Council felt would be best.

Alternative A establishes several “islands” which group trailheads into areas that will be covered by the Red Rock pass plus a number of isolated trail heads where full amenities exist.

Alternative B applies the pass to individual sites (e.g. no clusters). In viewing the alternatives, the Council unanimously supported the first because it would be easier for visitors to understand, would generate more fees and would protect more areas.

If you have any interest in this matter, please take a look at the alternatives and submit your own views to the Forest Service.

It takes a bit of perseverance to get there, but you should find the information if you follow these instructions.

The alternatives can be viewed at: Click on “Passes & Permits” on the left hand side menu (green background).   When that page comes up, click on “Red Rock Pass” in the first paragraph.  

When that page comes up, click on “Red Rock Pass Change” on the left hand menu (light tan background).   When that page comes up, scroll down a ways and click on “On-Line “Proposals.”   When that comes up you will find details on Proposals A & B.

You can submit your comments either via email at: or via regular mail at: Red Rock Ranger District, 8375 SR 179, Sedona, AZ 86351

Vision Survey

The Vision Survey data analysis is now posted on the Council website: . Take a look at the information. Your thoughts relating to the key (hopefully 8-10) issues that should be addressed would be appreciated.

We plan to focus our attention on those that are most resonant in the minds of the members of the community.

Once the key issues have been identified, a number of informal small sessions will be held with members of the community to make sure that we have the right agenda, to be followed, in the fall, by a major community process where we will try to formulate a “vision for the future.”

Your thoughts, at this stage would be most helpful in setting the agenda. You can send your comments to:

County redistricting

County Supervisor Chip Davis and County Administrator, Julie Ayers presented an overview of the four proposals which the County Supervisors are now considering relating to redistricting – i.e. the change from 3 Supervisors to 5.

All four proposals keep the City of Sedona and the Village together, but each has different implications for us relating to how the communities are grouped and future political aspects. The Supervisors are looking for public input and will make their decision in August.

The four proposals can be viewed by going to:

There is also a capability on that website to fill out a public comment form. The Council’s Redistricting Task Force, under the leadership of Dorothy O’Brien, will be analyzing each of the four, identifying pros and cons and then reporting back to the Council at its July meeting.

If there is agreement, the Council will formulate its recommendation at the July meeting. But even more importantly, everyone in the community should understand what is being proposed and make sure that his or her viewpoint has been considered.

Weeds on AZ 179

The Weed Abatement Task Force, chaired by Gail Shaw Simpson, is close to making recommendations on what can be done to improve the situation relating to weed control for the areas outside of the Special Improvement District (The Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District – RRREMD).

They are in the final stages of gathering information relating to alternatives, costs, and what types of approvals will be needed to implement potential solutions.

Landscaping Maintenance within the RRREMD: Finally, Supervisor Davis reported that the existing contract for landscape maintenance within the RRREMD had been cancelled for non performance.

Interim steps were being taken and a search would soon be under way for a new contractor and, possibly, new methods for maintaining the landscaping.

There is particular interest in finding a local contractor who might be able to do the job.

Things are moving forward. We can make them move even faster if we all get involved. And again, your views are needed, now!