Tue, April 07

As it should be

Saturday it was decreed that I needed a short escape from the surface, so Corky and I headed up to the airport; she visited with friends in the terminal whilst I took to the skies. I got a few shots I had promised friends and then I went and played. The air was very quiet so after I cruised Sycamore Canyon from the top I headed east to Jerome and looked at the beauty of that small town and a few of the landmarks like the Grand Hotel. Then it was full power for a climb to 12,000' S of Mingus, cut the engine, feather the prop and take a sled ride the 20 some odd miles back to Sedona. I took this shot from about five miles out from the airport and I was still way high and arrived at the field about 2500' above it. Back out to the Village of Oak Creek, turn the engine on and back to the airport. Very fun day; I cleared my head and Corky had a fun one too. Quiet evening and ditto today.

Busy doing a redesign of our web site at and hope to have it finished by tomorrow night. Plan on some additions and deletions as well as new photos in the various galleries. It has been more than six months since I worked on it so will be giving a new feel and life to it.

Have a great day and be well.


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