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Cottonwood man charged with child abuse, animal cruelty

Johan Wall faces child abuse charges after his 4-month-old son was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital with multiple injuries.

Johan Wall faces child abuse charges after his 4-month-old son was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital with multiple injuries.

COTTONWOOD - Yavapai County Sheriff's deputies were advised late Sunday night that a 4-month-old had been treated at Verde Valley Medical Center for a possible broken right arm and further examination revealed multiple prior fractures in various states of healing and the child was being taken to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. The numerous injuries have led to the arrest of the mother's boyfriend, the child's father.

Deputies interviewed the infant's mom, and eventually her boyfriend, about the injuries. The boyfriend was identified as 22-year-old Johan Wall. All live in the 4400 block of Rebel Circle, in Verde Village.

A Criminal Investigations Bureau detective found that Wall was home with his infant son Saturday night. The infant fell from a portable child swing and cradle unit that afternoon, striking its head on a hard plastic object. The child had not been buckled into the swing and fell about a foot. At the time, according to the report, Wall jerked up the infant by his right arm causing an injury that later required surgery.

Detectives also discovered the child had been injured, allegedly by Wall, three weeks earlier. When changing a diaper, Wall reportedly was rough with the child by pinching his feet together, and then shoving the legs downward, while swearing.

More imaging tests at the hospital showed that there were fractures to both of the infant's legs and one rib. The injuries were over 7 days old and in the healing process. The test results also revealed bleeding in the cranial cavity and swelling to the right arm.

Detectives also allege Wall had abused the 4-month-old family dog in September. A witness said Wall became angry and, after picking up the puppy, threw it to the ground. A veterinarian's exam showed a bone in the puppy's right shoulder had been fractured. The vet was not been told how the injury occurred.

Wall was arrested on Tuesday evening and charged with two counts of child abuse per domestic violence and one count of animal cruelty. He is jailed on a $25,000 bond.

Please remember, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. If you suspect a child is being abused immediately contact Children Protective Services at 1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445).

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