Thu, July 18

Local author publishes book to help others market their books

"Do not self-publish unless you have the time to market your work. It takes a lot of time, far more than it took to write the book."

Writer's Digest magazine, March/April 2009

With the experience gained in self-publishing and marketing her first book, Shade; a Story About a Very Smart Raven, author Diane Phelps Budden, has published The Author's Concise Guide to Marketing; How to Jumpstart Sales of Your Self-published Book.

This brief guide assists first-time authors who have self-published to market their book effectively.

The book stresses targeting the local market initially, and provides step-by-step help to develop a marketing plan, particularly in determining likely customers and appropriate marketing methods, and how it will be distributed, both in print and digital formats, if appropriate. The guide can also help authors in need of marketing knowledge for traditional publishing avenues.

This is an interesting time to be an author. Choices for publishing a book have increased substantially, even as, or perhaps because, sales of print books have slowed significantly. The end result is an industry in considerable turmoil. But turmoil also brings opportunities.

Knowing who will buy your book, and developing a marketing plan are critical to insuring sales. Authors need to put as much time into marketing a book as writing and publishing it.

"Authors can reap the benefits of the many years I spent in corporate marketing," says Phelps, "plus all that I have learned about the self-publishing marketplace. I had to do some things by trial-and-error in producing and marketing my first book, but I sold over 1,000 copies in the first year. Now I'm sharing what I know with other first-time authors."

The author is also available on a contract basis to help authors with producing and marketing their books.

The book is published by Red Rock Mountain Press LLC, the author's imprint, and may be purchased at Well Red Coyote Bookstore at State Highway 89A in Sedona. The author is available for writer workshops, and may be contacted through her blog, or at