Sun, Jan. 19

Cottonwood primary election canvassed

COTTONWOOD -- The City Council Tuesday canvassed the results of March 8 election and approved the results.

City Clerk Marianne Jiménez repeated the results the March 8 primary election during this week's regular council meeting. She said 1,847 voters, 36 percent of Cottonwood's 5,129 voters, cast ballot.

The election will seat Ruben Jauregui as a councilmember and re-elected Diane Joens as mayor.

The election also sets the stage for the May 17 General Election.

Four candidates will face-off to fill the two remaining council seats. Those candidates include Incumbents Terence Pratt and Duane Kirby.

Jiménez says April 7 at 5 p.m. is the deadline for candidates who wish to run in the General Election as a write-in candidate.

A write-in candidate does not need to circulate petitions, but, must submit the other formal candidate packet information forms. Once they do so, then a candidate becomes an "official write-in candidate."

As the name implies, a write-in candidate does not appear on the ballot, but any votes would be counted toward their name. Contact the city clerk for more information at 634-5526.

A candidate in Cottonwood's case may only become a write in candidate for one of the two remaining council seats still open, according to Jimenez. Diane Joens has already be re-elected Mayor and Ruben Jauregui has been elected to one council seat.

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