Tue, March 31

I wish I knew

Q moon

Q moon

the answers to so many things .... I do know we live on an extraordinary little planet and that it is a very dynamic and ever changing home for us. Because our life spans are so short we get the sense of permanence and a static view of the constant change that is ongoing. Thus we build on and very near to earthquake fault lines, in river bottoms, on hills that slide and the list goes on. Since we are around for such a short time the probability is that nothing ¡§bad¡- (or natural depending on your view point) will happen to any of us during our lifetime and we are surprised if it does. We have no control over the planet or any facet of our little world. Perhaps it is time to recognize that we can build nothing that forces beyond our control cannot destroy and strive to plan for those eventualities? It is a good world and most people are really good too and it is also good to see how tragedy can bring out the best in us as we strive to help those in need.

Some very good news on the book front!!! ¡§The Bear and I¡- is now available on Amazon at: . It is priced at $14.95 and if you are a Prime member it ships 2 day for free. It will also be available on Barnes and Noble and other online and brick and mortar stores soon.

I have not yet had the time to make some of the features available such as the ability to search the book, but I will be adding that feature soon. You will enjoy the book and I did get a fair amount of information up on this Amazon page to give you a very good idea of what you will be getting. As closely as I have been involved with this project over the past eight months I still find it to be one of the most moving books I have ever read.

My promise to get more sleep is once more suspended. Corky, Q and I spent some time on the deck this evening enjoying the cool spring air, the moon, a sky full of lennies and magical company. Hope you enjoy the image. All components were shot today although not at the same time ¡K I think.

Take care, be well and I¡¦ll be back Monday morning ¡K at least it is more probable than not º



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