Fri, April 03


It is Spring

It is Spring

What a fun weekend we had; didn¡¦t really do much, but we got out some, visited with friends, read books (looks like Corky will be able to operate the tablet I got for her!) worked on images and got a big start on the computer I am putting together. Hope to have it done by Wednesday; it will be known as the ¡§Q Factor¡-. Already my current machine which is a higher end workstation is seeming a little slow as I anticipate running the Q Factor. Q, the real one, got multiple outings each day and enjoyed the somewhat cooler weather as did we.

My friend Allan sent me a photo he took of a Cardinal to review and it is a very nice shot. It needed a little help and a new sky, but the shot is Allan¡¦s and I do like it a lot. I have not been able to get a shot of a Cardinal yet this year, but hope to get one soon. They are very elusive and nervous creatures so it takes a bit of luck to get one.

Spring is here now and the soaring season is officially here too as I saw the first of the Turkey Vultures to return this afternoon. Few birds have the soaring capabilities of a vulture and it was fun to watch them work lift which I suspect was orographic lift.

A new week is underway and as always it will be packed with enjoyment of the day and the moment ¡Kwhether work or relaxation (whatever that is º)

Blessings and may your days be filled with beauty and friendship


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