Mon, Feb. 17

A little ...

Evening flight

Evening flight

more awake tonight¡Kso perhaps I shall attach a photo to each email tonight, upload a copy and resized photo to the Verde News blog and begin answering all the emails that have been piling up as I continue to fine tune the ¡§Q Factor¡-. Have it down to a single issue now and that is the ability to use all 12GB of RAM and not just 8GB. Spent the day collecting serial numbers of all the components in the computer, cleaning up the office, storing the original boxes, and the lengthy task of reestablishing all the custom actions I had in PSCS5 on my other computer and learning my way around Office 2010 which is new to me. Corky, Q and I took a few breaks out on the deck and enjoyed the beauty of the day. The sun was warm, the breezes refreshing and the world just seemed like a very nice place to be. Q did a little hunting, but mostly sat on the bench by me.

Early evening I went for my walk and as I was coming back up the cart path from the first green there were five vultures that began working the area from a relatively low altitude; mostly they appeared as little more than a black silhouette, but when they turned and got the last of the sun¡¦s rays on their underside I was able to get some nice shots. They are the ultimate soaring machines and aside from their selection of food they are beautiful creatures; it is their lot to be natures cleanup crew¡Kis that a PC enough way to say that they eat carrion and also take care of road kill? We¡¦ll stick with the cleanup crew º

Have a wonderful day; back to law and other work for me.



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