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Skilled dentistry in comfort

Dr. Charles Henry and Dr. John Upton

Dr. Charles Henry and Dr. John Upton

Dental work has historically been analogous in pleasure to erasing chalk with one's fingernails. Nevertheless, avoiding dental care can result in serious dental and medical problems down the line.

Fortunately Dr. Charles Henry and Dr. John Upton of Village Dentistry in Castle Rock Plaza now offer a state of the medical arts remedy for the dentist's chair heebie-jeebies.

This breakthrough technology called NuCalm is a safe process that naturally directs the body's neurological pathways away from anxiety toward relaxation.

Rather than drugs, the technique incorporates a food based adrenalin blocker, an undetectable FDA cleared micro current, dark or opaque glasses and neuro-acoustic headphones.

The headphones play soothing music with a subliminal rhythm to induce calm and eliminate the not so soothing music of drills. NuCalm has no side or after effects. In fact, patients find it rejuvenating. It is not unusual for them to head straight to the trail, golf course or tennis court immediately after their appointment.

Dr. Henry and Dr. Upton have been serving the Sedona area with comprehensive family dental care for over 25 years. In addition to their concern for patient comfort, their credentials and quality of care are unsurpassed.

Dr. Henry is a native of Buckeye, Arizona, and Dr Upton is from California. They both attended NAU where they became friends, and both earned their Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees at Baylor College in Texas.

They initially established independent practices and began their families in Phoenix. As time passed they decided to combine their resources and skills to serve our community.

By virtue of countless hours devoted to continuing education, Drs. Henry and Upton have remained well versed in all the latest advances in the science of dentistry.

They are also among the few dentists in the state that have been awarded Masterships from the Academy of General Dentistry.

There is no longer any need to put off dental care because driving to your appointment gives you the same queasy sensation as heading to a tax audit.

The comfortable office and considerate care of the doctors and staff of Village Dentistry will make your visit a positive experience.

Village Dentistry: 928-284-9632

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