Tue, July 16

Letter: The fallacy of socialism


Someone asked me a while back; “What is wrong with Socialism?” Then he said “it sounds great to me’! To which I replied “Class Envy” and “Who determines need.” The Socialist Doctrine is predicated on the premise “Work according to your ability, and receive according to your need: Naturally my concept of what I “Need” is going to differ from what you think “I Need” and that will also differ from what some “Faceless Bureaucrat” determines. Even as inept as I am, I prefer to make my own choices.

Unjust discrimination takes on many forms and two of the most damaging are “Racial Discrimination” and “Financial Discrimination”. We are all at least somewhat aware of Racial Discrimination and its consequences, even though a lot of people have a weird and lopsided view of what they call ”Discrimination” that in many cases is really “Differences in Ideology”; but my point here is “Class Envy”, (Financial Discrimination), which today is rampant and wildly destructive to a free market economy.

“Soak the Rich” is a mantra that has been the forefront of many unfortunately successful political campaigns. The very idea that “someone has more than I do” makes it okay to “take away part of what they have and give it to me” just because they have it; is truly about as sickening a concept as anything could be. If “Success is Punished” and “Incompetence is Rewarded”, which will increase ‘Success’ or ‘Incompetence’? If a person works hard, saves his money, buys a property, improves his property and builds for his and his family’s future; why should he be forced to pay for the actions of his ‘fellow worker’, that wasted his paychecks on booze, drugs, and wild irresponsible living? It makes no sense; but, the one that is frugal and acts responsibly is the one that is discriminated against in almost every way; Disaster Relief, Insurance and Taxes (Property and Income) among the bigger ones involving “Redistribution of Wealth”

Socialism is supposed to make people “Equal” when in fact it does the opposite, it actually drives wedges, between any significant demographic groups it can identify in order to keep them concentrating on each other as ‘the cause of their problems’ instead of looking either in the mirror or more importantly at the “Socialist System”. Socialism destroys the incentive to achieve, and magnifies the induced concept of a need to be “Dependant on the Government”; which in turn makes a “Dependant Class of People” that can be molded with an almost “Mass Hypnosis Effect”. Anyone that opposes is thought to be “An Enemy” and herein lays the danger in “Democracy” and why the “Founding Fathers of This Nation” went to such lengths to make sure “This Nation” would not be a “Democracy” but rather a “Constitutional Republic”. A “Democracy” has a hard to prevent characteristic of evolving or morphing toward or into “Socialism”. When the majority of people learn that they can gain benefits for themselves, at someone else’s expense; if they vote for the “Socialistic Ideology”, they become more entrenched in the thinking that “The Nation Owes Me Security From “Birth–to-Death.” Then when the “Nation” that has less “Providers” than “Takers,” it collapses under the weight of “Public Debt” and then nothing that it was obligated to provide will be supplied. Then the “Socialist” (Liberal/Progressive) will cry and ask; why, why? And the “Conservative” will cry and say “I tried to tell you.

Dale Gohr