Sun, Jan. 19

Not sure ...

Quoth the Raven

Quoth the Raven

... whether to fear Q or Corky more. We had a fun weekend; lots of projects finished and new ones started, only a couple more days of waxing the Lambada before I fly her again, friends over, church and Corky received instruction in the fine art of armed defense. You will recall that a couple of years ago I sent out a photo of Corky firing a 30 caliber belt feed machine gun, and today another friend was instructing her how to handle an AK 47 and she seems to be enjoying the experience. I have seen that smile before º The magazine was empty ¡K today.

Another friend enjoys photos of Ravens (as do I) and on Friday while Corky was getting her hair done I got some good shots of a couple of Ravens. There are two types of subjects which are very difficult to get right and it is always a pleasure to get pretty good ones. Subjects that are either all black or all white are the two; this because there is only a very small portion of the brightness scale utilized and the lighting needs to be near perfect to get any definition. So this one is for Stacy and hope you all enjoy it.

Very busy week coming up with lots of law, photography and gem cutting filling the hours.

Hope all you Mom¡¦s had a great day ¡K Corky did and making her days work, makes mine work too.

Have a wonderful week and find the joy that fills each day


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