Fri, Feb. 28

Not sure

Swimming hole

Swimming hole

¡Kwhat happened to all those lessons that Q taught me yesterday, but today has been absolutely a bizarre type day; not in a bad way, just in all the unexpected events of the day. All in all a good one with a lot accomplished including the completion and uploading of the Kindle version of ¡§The Bear and I¡- to Amazon and it should be available on line sometime tomorrow or Thursday. Price point for the Kindle version is $6.99 for those who are interested in it. Also completed work on the photo which will grace the cover of The State Bar of Arizona Directory of Attorneys for 2012, completed four opals, some legal work and other stuff.

Amazing how we learn to depend on simple things like plumbing, and when a septic field goes bad, well there are few words acceptable in polite company that work; thank heavens for the years in the military and other places where my vocabulary was expanded to include appropriate language for the situation. Hoping to have it resolved in the next day or so and until then there will be more reliance on fragrances than showers to keep us pleasant to be around. Really kind of funny when you think about it ¡K like I had a really S____y day º Oh well, a backhoe arrives tomorrow.

Have a great day and stay upwind of our place while they are working º or join this muskrat for a swim in nice clean water.



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